#1 Productivity Tip: Save time listening to audio books

Listening Rates: I read somewhere that our brains can comprehend 300 – 350 spoken words per minute (wpm).  Most speakers usually speak at a rate of 100 – 160 wpm and so there is a gap between comprehension rate vs spoken rate .  This gap some say is the reason why people lose attention.  The mind fills the gap by wandering and hence the loss of attention.

iPhone Helps: Be that as it may, the purpose of this post is to take advantage of our minds capability to listen to more words per minute.  I listen to audio books and podcasts  regularly on my iPhone.  A few months back, I came across this feature where you can double the speed of the podcast or the audio book.  Since then I have tried this feature and now am able to finish the audio book/podcast in lesser time at the same comprehension.   So, hats off to Apple for this time saving feature.

How-To increase speed:  When listening to an audio podcast or an audio book you will see either 1x, 1.5x or 2x as you keep clicking on this icon.   Selecting 1.5 x or 2x increases the audio speed.  The audio at 2x is the maximum and most of the times it is still comprehensible.  I saw this option only on the books downloaded from audible.com but not on the ones copied from a CD.

Has anyone tried this feature before and what are your thoughts?

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