How iPhone changed my life! – Part 1

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How iPhone changed my life! – Part 1

Posted on November 15, 2010

I was very disorganized in my life and this caused a lot of wastage of time.  So, to make things better, I was always on the lookout for time management software, books and courses.   None of these courses or books helped me much.  When I got an iPhone in June of 2007, my search for time management/productivity tools continued in the iPhone App world.   I started trying out Toodle-Do, Things and some other Apps.  While trying these apps, the word GTD kept popping up.  All these apps kept saying that they are GTD compliant.  So, I got curious and googled GTD.  As they say the rest is history.

GTD – Getting Things Done methodology is made popular by David Allen.  I saw a 2-3 minute online video of David Allen and knew right away that I needed to read his book.  I got his book and though I am a relatively fast reader, it took me almost 3 months to complete this book.   That is how disorganized I was.  I followed most of the advice given in the book to clean out my papers, my boxes and to set up the GTD system.   I got the labeler, the folders, the pens and set up my study so that everything was within an arms length so that things did not start piling up and instead were filed away.  Yes, everything was within reach.  Even though I did not even come close to the state that David Allen mentions, “mind like water”, I definitely felt more relaxed when I became more organized.

I did not stop there and read few more books on GTD.   One of those books was Sally McGhee’s “Take Back Your Life! Using Microsoft Outlook to get organized and stay organized”.  Apart from managing my e-mail and getting to zero inbox on a daily basis, this book helped me in making sure any task that I did at work aligned to my company’s goals or as Sally McGhee would say it “Meaningful Objectives”.  So, GTD helped me at work an at home to get more organized

It is definitely possible that I would have stumbled upon GTD without an iPhone but I wouldn’t have been sold on it if I had not seen so any app writers vouching for GTD.  So, peer reviews made a difference.  I also would not have used Omnifocus – the coolest software to get things done.

So, all in all iPhone changed my life by making me a life-long GTD-er.

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  • Reply Hakim Mohammed December 8, 2010 at 5:49 pm

    This is a great post on how sometimes a simple gadget can changes one’s life. The good thing I see is that you tried to use your Iphone productively rather than downloading crappy apps(games, facebook, Youtube….) and just waste time.
    What I can get out of this post is that anything out there can be used in two ways, productively or as a wasting time. Ofcourse having little fun with gadgets we spend money on is good as long as there is a balance. Another example is that though Wii Gaming console being built mainly for Video games, there are other advantages people can get out of it such as and all that goodies to stay healthy and fit.

    • Reply Shakeel Akhtar December 9, 2010 at 1:24 pm

      You are absolutely right. Most things can be used for good purposes or for bad. The one cliched example that most people use is “Fire”. Uncontrolled fire has a lot of destructive power whereas if you control it then you can use it for many useful purposes. Similarly the social media is criticized by lots of folks as unproductive. Yes, it can be but it is up to you. I will be putting out a blog post soon on how social media like Facebook, Twitter,, youtube etc. is being used for many productive purposes.

      Thanks for the comment

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