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Here are links to a few GTD blogs that I like.  For an introduction to  GTD, please read my blog post “The Power of GTD“.  To know how I got introduced to GTD, please read my blog post “How iPhone Changed My Life – part 1“.

Top GTD Blogs that I like to read when I have some time.

  1. GTD Times – Start at the Source.  This is the official blog of David Allen.
  2. 43Folders – Merlin Mann’s blog,  one of the most popular blogs with loads of information on GTD.
  3. Unclutterer . The popular posts from this blog are now available as a book too.
  4. DIGTD –  This is  a blog that provides new links to productivity, motivation and personal development.
  5. GTD Virtual Study Group – I regularly listen to the podcasts from this group which is hosted by Tara Robinson.

Hope you like some of the blog posts from these blogs.

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4 Responses to Links to GTD Blogs

  1. YogiRavi says:

    I tried GTD, but have a different strategy that works better for me…it’s all about DOING MEANINGFUL ONE THING every day.

    I wrote more about it here:

    • Thanks YogiRavi for your comment. I read your post and like your strategy too. I have started a sharepoint site at work to track personal accomplishments of me and my team. We go from meeting to meeting, e-mail after e-mail and at the end of the day there is no accomplishment to show. So, listing out an accomplishment/s at the beginning of the day and then completing it at the end of the day is a great way of getting your work done. What sharepoint does is, it gives you an additional motivation to complete what you said you would do. Publicly announcing that you will accomplish something is sometimes better than keeping it to yourself.

  2. YogiRavi says:

    Sharepoint is an awesome tool! accountability makes a big difference.

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