The Power Of GTD

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The Power Of GTD

Posted on November 18, 2010

GTD (Getting Things Done) is life-changing.   It is a system that CAN tell you (if done right) what is the one most important thing that you can get done in your current situation (in GTD-speak “context”).    To illustrate my point, let me dramatize for some effect.

Imagine you have 100 things to do.  Write these things on a 8×11 paper.  One task per paper.   Spread these 100 papers on the table in front of you.  Close your eyes and stretch out your hand.  If you had a working GTD system, a paper will rise up magically from the table and drop in your hand.  The task listed on this paper will be the most important thing for you to do at that point of time.  That will be the #1 priority thing that you need to do in your current situation.  Situation being where you are, what tools you have, how much time  and energy you got.  That is the power of GTD.

If you set up GTD right then you can close your eyes and stretch your hand whenever you cannot decide between conflicting priorities or you have too many things to do.  In today’s world of iPhones, Facebook, Twitter etc., you will always have more things to do than you can possibly do.  Also, the situation is similar at workplace with Blackberries, Instant Messaging, Meetings and e-mail.  The power of GTD, if done right, gives control back to you.  Despite all these conflicting priorities, you will always know what you need to do next so as to move your personal and professional goals forward.

This is what I told my CEO that our company needs to roll out so that every employee can know what is the #1 most important thing to do at any moment to move the company’s goals forward.  Even if a small fraction of the employees in any company start using GTD then it will boost employee productivity to such an extent that it has the potential to transform the company.

On a personal note, there is a reason why I kept saying “if done right”.  I have been practicing GTD on and off from almost 2 years.  I have struggled to be consistent.  I have not been successful to the extent that I close my eyes and reach out my hand…you get the picture, right?  But I understand the power of GTD and I am trying to get better at GTD.   So, one day I can close my eyes…..

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