The 7 Wheels of Life !

The 7 Wheels of Life !

Posted on December 11, 2010

The 7 Wheels of Life is an idea that I have been going over in my mind from quite some time.  This idea is not new and can be found in different variations.  The packaging is new and unique to me


If we try to simplify all the the philosophical discussions about life, its purpose, its mission and all the various belief systems currently existing and have existed in the world then simply ….

Our life on earth is our soul’s journey to meet its Creator.

It is as simple as it can get.  So, if the soul is on a journey then I figured it needs “Wheels”.   If these “Wheels” are taken good care of then the soul’s journey can be successful and hopefully the meeting may also be successful.

Why call it “Wheels”?

If you are on a journey then you need “wheels”, right?  One can also crawl, walk or run and typically not use “wheels” at all, right?  In that case, you can mentally translate the word “wheels” to “limbs”.  Its up to you.  The idea is that “wheels” are needed on a journey.  No matter what fabulous vehicle you are driving, you need to take care of all your “wheels” so that your journey can be smooth and successful.  If one wheel is broken then no matter what great vehicle you are driving you will have a bumpy ride.

How many “Wheels”?

Honestly, the number of wheels may differ from person to person.  It may also be dependent on one’s situation in life. To me the ideal number of wheels are seven.  These seven wheels are as follows.

  1. Spiritual
  2. Health
  3. Family
  4. Career
  5. Financial
  6. Community
  7. Fun

To lead a full, balanced and successful life then you need to take care of each one of your “wheels”.  But first determine how many wheels you need in your current situation in life.

New Packaging

As I mentioned before, this is not a new concept but the packaging is new.  The variations that I have come across did not give me a good mental model.  Most of them gave a mental model of continuous and repetitive hard work.  Like juggling balls or like spinning plates.  Hard to master the techniques of juggling or spinning and equally hard to keep doing it, almost impossible to do for long periods of time.  I am trying to package it in such a way that it may not sound and feel like hard labor to lead a full, balanced and successful life.


To summarize….

  1. Life is a journey and you need wheels
  2. Determine the number of your wheels
  3. Take good care of your wheels so that the journey is successful.

I will go over in more detail in later posts what each of these “wheels” mean to me and how I plan to take good care of my “wheels”

Does this concept give you a new mental model?  A new mental model that is possible to do.  Remember, Its One Life !

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