Time spent following sports – Is it worth?

The idea for this blog post came from a tweet from Gretchen Rubin, author and blogger of “The Happiness Project”. The tweet went like this.

O Magazine: 2009 study: 15% of men, 5% of women were such fans of a team or sport that it was mentioned in their obituaries.

This tweet made me think. How much time do folks spend following their sports teams? What does it translate into in terms of lifetime years and cost? And, most importantly, is it worth it?

Sports Following Activities.

When you follow a team, here are the activities that people do and each activity has a cost associated with it.

  1. Watching sports on TV
  2. Talking sports with friends.
  3. Reading sports news.
  4. Going to games.
  5. Playing fantasy games.

An average person may spend 10-20 hrs per week on these activities.

What is the Cost?

In terms of hours, for a 50 year adult life this translates to 26,000 to 52,000.

In terms of waking hours of a 50 year adult life-time this translates to 4 to 9 years.

In terms of money this may translate up to a million dollars or more over a lifetime.

Each situation is unique.

There is no average person. There is no average hourly salary. There is no average sports fan either.

So, how do you find out what your cost is?

  • Track your time – there are many apps for it.
  • Find out your average hourly salary over your lifetime – there will be online calculators for it.

Knowledge is power.

The first step is to know how much following a sports team may cost you over your lifetime. Knowing the cost and then figuring out what you could do with that free time is the next step. This could open up a whole world of possibilities. So, you should factor in the opportunity cost. The cost of missed opportunities.

What will your missed opportunities be?

  1. Getting a degree/professional certification?
  2. Changing the job that you are currently stuck in?
  3. Starting a new business?
  4. Going to the Gym?
  5. Writing a book?

So, what’s next?

Start Small: Now that the NFL season is over, decide to drop just one thing from all the fan activities that you do. I have decided to not watch any regular, non-championship game on TV. Let’s see if I can stickk.com to this decision.

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