3 Steps to becoming a sports follower not a sports fan

3 Steps to becoming a sports follower not a sports fan

Posted on February 17, 2011

This is my second post on the same topic. Check out my earlier post. I wanted to modify the earlier post but did not because of the Rule # 1 in blogging.

Blogging Rule #1 : Do not perfect your blog post. Once you publish, move on.

I enjoy sports

So, the follow up is to tell how much I enjoy sports. I was a huge Cricket fan. Not good playing the game but watched lots of games at the stadium and on TV. I was also drawn to the 5-day test matches that most of the time ended up with a draw (no winning team). There was an indescribable charm in these test matches. The strategy, the tactics and many other aspects of these test matches were interesting for me to watch and follow. That was a long time ago. Slowly the connection with Cricket has been lost because of multiple reasons. Now, I enjoy NFL and NBA.

So, I get it

Yes, sports is lot of fun. What is life without sports? Right, I get all that. The joy when your team wins the championship. The pain when it loses. Life without sports cannot be imagined. And, that is not what I am saying. What I am trying to say is that you can be a sports follower but not a sports fan. A fan who realizes the costs associated with watching sports and decides to become a follower. Whose life does not revolve around sports (fan) but is enriched by sports (follower).

Next Steps to become a sports follower

  1. Determine if you are a typical sports fan. Rule of thumb, if you watch 2 or more games per week then you will be spending 10 hours or more per week following sports.
  2. Understand the cost of spending 10 hrs or more per week can translate to a million dollars or more over 50 years of adult life.
  3. Decide to change one little thing for 2011. Follow just one team instead of many.  Watch only Playoffs.

Food for thought

If this has not convinced you to be a sports follower and not a sports fan then do plan on putting the following in your obituary.

I could have been a millionaire instead I chose to be a sports fan. Go xxxx!! (your sports team)

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