Failed to follow my own advice

Failed to follow my own advice

Posted on March 28, 2011

My recent posts have been on following sports (post 1, post 2) and watching TV (post 3). So, as fate would have it, I was tested. I was tested to follow my own advice. And I failed pretty badly at following my own advice.

A few days after my second post, I learnt about the ICC Cricket World Cup. Till then, I did not even know that there was one in 2011.  I stopped following Cricket from like 10 years and from one year I have stopped reading news. When I knew about World Cup, the first game was over and India had performed pretty well. So, I got interested.

I thought this was probably the year for India to win the World Cup for the second time. I also got tempted and bought the sports package because the team was better than any other team on paper. It has been almost a month since I started following the World Cup and so far have probably spent more hours in the month of March watching sports than in an entire year.

Does that mean I will become a cricket fan and start watching every cricket game? I sincerely hope not. But it has taught me a lesson that following one’s own advice is probably one of the most difficult things to do.

There is a story that was attributed to Gandhi. A mom brings her kid to Mahatma Gandhi and asks him to advice the kid to not eat candy. He sends the mom back for three days in a row without advising the kid by saying, “I will advice him tomorrow” On the fourth day Mahatma Gandhi advices the kid not to eat candy. When the mom asks him why he took so many days to advice, he said that he wanted to first practice before he preached. (The same story was attributed to Buddha and some other famous people. So, do not quote me on the truth of this story.)

Since I am no Mahatma and do not intend to become one, I may still go ahead and give out advice that I failed to follow. So, do read my post on becoming a sports follower and not a sports fan.  I advised folks to only follow elimination games (playoff games). So, when I was watching the regular season games, I did feel guilty because I was not following my own advice.

But let me tell you that I did enjoy the games that India won especially the one against Australia. It was a sweet victory. The next one is against Pakistan and this is the biggest game for a billion plus folks. I will be rooting for India and will be glued to the tube. I may feel guilty again because of post # 3 “Glued to the tube”. If India wins then I will be so glad that I did not follow my own advice and missed out on one of the biggest games between the two cricket-crazy countires.

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