iPad2, Apple TV, AirPlay and my 4 year old

iPad2, Apple TV, AirPlay and my 4 year old

Posted on March 29, 2011

New iPad2

Its been a week since I got an iPad2 and my 4 year old has figured out how to make the best use of it. Since it is a bigger iPhone (she actually said that) and has the same aps that iPhone has, she knows all basic and advanced features. It is definitely not a surprise for anyone because now a days kids are pretty advanced when it comes to technology.

What surprised me most was the way she understood the AirPlay feature. For those uninitiated into the Apple World, AirPlay is a feature where you can stream audio/video from one device to another with a touch of an icon (cannot use button more buttons …thanks to Apple). Yesterday, her mom was streaming a video from iPad to the Apple TV. Seeing that the iPad was free and no one using it, my daughter wanted to play her games. She picked the iPad up and immediately put it back saying “Ohh you are watching TV from iPad”.

It was probably the second or third time that we were trying the AirPlay feature and my daughter figured out that the content for the TV was coming from the iPad. I am yet to go over the fact that it is so easy to stream audio/video so seamlessly from one device to another and for her it is kinda every day life. No big deal for her. Amazing!

ABC of Relativity

This incident brought some old memories to mind. One of my uncles, an English Professor gave me the book called “ABC of Relativity” by Bertrand Russel. My uncle raved about this book and the author. I don’t exactly remember how old I was but I am sure I was in my teens. I started reading this book and Mr Russell was amazed at the concept of relativity and he was giving some examples of throwing the ball up in the air in a moving train. The trajectory of the ball was relative straight-line or a parabola depending on your relative positioning.

To me this was basic. By then relativity was part of my curriculum and I had solved some mathematical problems on relativity. So, I was not impressed that Mr Russell had to write an entire book on relativity when this concept was so easy for me to understand. No points for guessing, I did not read the entire book.

Back to AirPlay and my 4 year old daughter. So, kids nowadays have become tech savvy that nothing will amaze them. Whereas I still cannot stop wondering how easy and seamless Apple has started making its products. Hats off to Steve Jobs and his company.

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