Blogger to Author Series Part 1- Ramit Sethi

I am planning to write a series of blog posts on bloggers who became authors. These are the bloggers who have made a name for themselves and become very successful.

The first in this series is Ramit Sethi.

This is what Ramit Sethi says about himself on his blog

I’m the New York Times bestselling author of I Will Teach You To Be Rich. I co-founded PBwiki and graduated from Stanford.

The first time I came to know of Ramit was through his book and I liked the book so much that I was compelled to write a review on This was my first ever review of a book and here is my review that can be found on

My Book Review:

This book’s cover caught my eye at B&N and the contents page grabbed my attention.  So, I sat down with this book and read almost quarter of the book at B&N before buying it.  The style and fast pace of the book made it easy to read it in a weekend.  I used many sticky notes to capture the financial tips that were useful to me.  I have followed up on a few of them like the CITI credit card, Charles Schwab checking account and have used the Swensen model for my 401K.  Am planning on taking the 30-day challenge.  I have given this a 5-star because of the following reasons.  

1.  This book gives you solid advice to get started and Ramit uses great humor to make his point.

2. The information is arranged in a very easy to read format that does not put you to sleep.

3.  It gives you a step by step approach by taking the complexity out of managing your finances.

Post Review:

This review was back in June, 2009. Since then I have been following Ramit Sethi through his blog and through twitter. He has a great following and many folks follow his advice. Check his blog out for some useful financial advice.

If you have come across any bloggers who became authors then please send me a note..Thanks

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