How to reach your “Pot Of Gold” – Part 3

How to reach your “Pot Of Gold” – Part 3

Posted on April 21, 2011

In my previous two posts, I talked about regrets and how regrets are an outcome of not knowing what you want – Long Term. I will explore further as to how you can give everything you have got to get everything you want.  Since my plan has been to keep the posts within 2 minutes of reading, I am breaking this entire discussion into a series of posts.

The Light

Before you can give everything you have got to get everything you want, you need to know where you need to focus your efforts on. After some research and after thinking a lot on “what are the most critical things to focus on?”, it has come to light for me. Yes, I have been enLIGHTened.

Taking the no secret theory further, I looked to nature to find out. My thoughts went like this.

When someone does not have everything, he/she is gloomy, dark.

When someone has everything, he/she is happy, glowing.

So, I thought the secret should lie in glow which is light. That gave me the answer.

Just like light is made up of seven colors, to get everything,  we need to focus on seven things or seven goals, not six or eight but seven.

The Seven

Just like the rainbow is not formed if any one color is missing, similarly no category shown below can be missed if you want to get everything from life. Since once color is not greater than the other color, similarly not one of these categories is above or below the other.

  • Spirituality
  • Health
  • Family
  • Meaningful Work
  • Financial Freedom
  • Community
  • Fun

If you focus your efforts on all of these things, all the time in your life then when you are old, you can look back and say that you gave your everything. Then maybe, you will have the least number of regrets.

Short-Term Thinking

If you look at “The Seven”, you realize that most people focus on one or to or three at a time and not on all. The focus shifts from one category to another at the expense of the other categories. Our short-term thinking makes us focus on one thing or maybe two or three but not all seven. Here are a few examples of the short-term thinking based on where we are in life.

I am in my twenties, let me have fun because I cannot have fun in my thirties

I am in my thirties, let me focus on my work, my family and becoming financially free. I will think about my health later.

I am in my forties, let me focus on becoming healthy as I have all these health issues.

I am in my fifties, let me contribute to the society since I want to be remembered.

I am in my sixties and getting old. So, time for me to become spiritual.

As you can see, our short-term thinking makes us go in phases and most of the times it will not work. The end-game is lost because of this short-term thinking.

Pot of Gold

To win the end-game which is to have the least number of regrets, you need to take all the seven colors of life and paint your rainbow every day of your week. No one color can be missed at any point of time and then when you ride this rainbow of life, you will reach your “Pot of Gold”. You can define your own Pot of Gold and it will be there waiting for you.

In my next post, I will show how to paint your rainbow every day so that you can reach your Pot of Gold.

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