How to reach your Pot Of Gold – Part 4

How to reach your Pot Of Gold – Part 4

Posted on April 23, 2011

In my previous three posts, I talked about regrets , how regrets are an outcome of not knowing what you want – Long Term and about the seven focuses that help you reach your pot of gold. In today’s post I will shed some light on how you can paint your rainbow using the seven colors of life to reach your Pot of Gold.

The Gift

Every one of us have been given only one thing in equal quantity. And, it is “Time”. 24 hours every day. That is everything that we got and it is a gift that everyone who made it to the end of the day got – equally.  How we spend this gift determines the end-game.

To know how we are spending this gift of time, we need a measure, a unit of time that gives us a meaningful picture. A picture that is so clear that there are no two ways about it. A picture that will immediately tell you whether you spent your gift in the right way.

Meaningful Unit of Time

The units of time that can give you some picture are a day, a week or a month. Anything less than a day or more than a month cannot give the right picture. So, which one to use, a day, a week or a month ?

A Day: A day will not give you the right picture and here’s why. If you look back and analyze the gift of the past 24 hours then you will realize that you probably spent your gift on only one or two or at the most three of aspects of life. If it was a week day and you went to work then you spent one-third or half of your day at work. Because of that, there may not be time left to do any family activity or work on your financial goals. You may barely be able to do some exercise which means you at most took care of 2 aspects of your life, work and health. So, a day is not a good measure to get the right picture.

A Month: A month is also not the most meaningful and the primary reason is that, it is too long. Also, a month is not equal. It ranges from 28 days to 31 days and so accurately analyzing how you spend your time on the seven aspects of life is not easy.

A Week. A week is the most meaningful unit to measure. A week is not too long nor is it in-equal. Every week you get 168 hours and no matter what your schedule is, you can focus on all aspects of life and measure how you are doing. So, a week’s time is exactly what you need to paint your rainbow that contains all colors of your life. If you get your rainbow right every week then you are on your way to get your pot of gold.

Next Post

In my next post/s, I will break down the 168 hours that you get in a week and show you how to plan these 168 hours to make sure you are spending your time focussing on all seven aspects of life. This plan can be customized for your specific situation so it is not a one size fits all.

Till then, keep the questions and comments coming….

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