Making a case for reading books

Making a case for reading books

Posted on April 27, 2011

The Opposites

My friend, Vinay picks up a book when he has trouble falling asleep and sure enough he is out before he turns a page. As his roommate in college, I have seen him try really hard to stay awake studying for the exams. That was sometime back and what was then a problem is now a blessing in disguise for Vinay.

I am a total opposite and if a book is even half interesting I cannot put it down. Burning midnight oil while reading books has never been too hard for me. So, I acknowledge that there are two ends of a spectrum, on one end no book is interesting for you and on the other end, any book is interesting for you. I also acknowledge my personal bias towards books. However, I still want to make a case for reading books for everyone. Everyone no matter where you belong on the spectrum.

Books Solve Problems

Will Smith, the Hollywood actor, told a group of kids at an Awards ceremony that the key to life is running and reading. Since the topic is not about running for now, I will only mention what he said about reading books. He said that there is no problem in the world that you can have which someone has not already solved and wrote it in a book. Yes, I totally agree with that.

A good book or a bad book, fiction or non-fiction is written to explain about a problem and then try to solve the problem. It is a different story that you may not like the solution or agree with the solution but in a nutshell “solving a problem” is what a book is supposed to do. So, if you have a problem then search for a book that has solved this problem and see if it solves your problem.

Books At Fingertips

If you already know that reading is good but have trouble lugging a book around where ever you go then in today’s world of eReaders there is no easier way to carry a library where ever you go. Any book that is worth its salt is now available as an eBook that can be easily downloaded to an eReader. Even public libraries now let you rent eBooks online. So, there never was an easier way to find books or read books than it is now.

I use iPad and download eBooks to the iBooks App. I also subscribe to Safari Books online through my work and so most books are available to me at the touch of an icon. I tell you it is so easy to get books these days. Gone are the days of waiting for a book. If you want to read one then you can sample it in a minute and if you like it then you can start reading it right away. Yes, books are definitely available at fingertips

Books take no additional time anymore

With audio books, reading books does not even take additional time. Any work that you are doing alone that is manual and that does not need your total focus can be used to listen to audio books. Time spent exercising, commuting, cleaning, shopping etc., can now be utilized to listen to audio books.

These days most audio books are read by the authors themselves and the message comes across far better when you listen to the author read the book to you. The impact is definitely greater too. It is also very easy to find free audio books. The public libraries are also offering online downloads and so no additional cost too.

I am using the for audio books and I have outlined my reasons in an earlier post.


I hope I have made a simple case for reading books. My friend, Vinay has a successful career and is way smarter than me despite his issue with books. So, not reading books may not hamper your chances of getting rich or having a successful career or becoming smarter but it definitely does not hurt to read a book now and then. That too when they are so accessible and may provide you some solutions that you are searching for.

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