Productivity Tip # 12: Following news is a waste – part 2

In my earlier post, I talked about how life was before I went on a media diet. Please check it out before you read this one.

The Media Diet

Things changed for the better after I went on a media diet. The one week of diet turned into a month and the month turned into a year. During this media diet, I did not watch any news show on TV, did not browse online for news stories, did not listen to any radio show, did not read any newspaper and did not read any news magazine.

The only news outlet was Twitter via iPhone. So, if any news story did not interest me in 140 characters then I did not click the URL to read more. Since reading a news story is not that easy on the iPhone’s small screen, only a few stories made the cut. Also, I was checking the tweets very irregularly, mostly when waiting in a line. All said and done I may have spent not more than 10 hours in an entire year following news.

Finally, 15 months later I can say that I am very fortunate to have gone on a media diet. The news addiction has been broken and now with iPad2, I have subscribed to some online news magazines through the FlipBoard app. So, I pick and choose just a few news stories. Because of this experiment things have changed and here are some changes.

Found Time

Needless to say, I found some free time. I am not sure how much and if I have to guess then it was probably around 1 hr per day. With this 1 hr which was mostly in the evening, I picked up a hobby of following “management/business” through books, you tube and podcasts. Time spent earlier listening to radio talk shows was now spent listening to audio books and podcasts. Similarly, TV news time transferred over to Ted Talks and Authors@google. Online news time switched over to business books via safari online. Because of the 1 hr/day, I was able to read at least one business book every week in 2010.

Book A Week

A book a week was something that I did not plan until mid-2010. I planned to target a book a week only after I found out that I averaged a book a week in the first half of 2010. All this reading helped initially because of the ideas that I was getting from these books. Some said that you can get at least 10 ideas from a book. Honestly I was happy with one idea per book. If I was successful implementing and learning from one idea per month then that translated to 12 ideas per year. Thats more than I bargained for. What came out of these ideas? It is actually in front of you. Yes, one idea was to start a blog.

In my next post, I will try to cover some more changes that happened because of the media diet.

If you went on a media diet, what are the changes that you would like to see? What would you do with an additional hour per day or more or less depending on your news addiction ? 

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