Productivity Tip # 12: Following news is a waste – part 3

Productivity Tip # 12: Following news is a waste – part 3

Posted on May 9, 2011

This is the third and final post of this productivity tip. Please read post 1 and post 2 before reading this post.

In my earlier post I mentioned about blogging being one of the ideas that I got from reading business book. I did not think I had anything worth writing but this being my 47th post, I am pretty glad I picked up blogging and here’s why.

Daily Blog

I am enjoying blogging. If I can get a little bit disciplined then my plan is to blog every day. I am not sure what will come out of blogging but one thing is for sure, it makes me very happy to read my own writing. Since all knowledge is repetition, the blog will help me more than anyone because I am the one who will re read my own posts. Since my posts are on continuous improvement in all aspects of life, my own writing should benefit me the most. In all honesty, following one’s own advice is not easy but re-reading my own advice on this blog may help me continuously improve.


The next positive impact has been on the family side. With no news stories spinning in my head and no strong opinions, I am able to pay more attention to my family. The stories my wife and my daughter tell me about their day now grab my attention. Earlier I had the adult form of ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and now it is gone to a large extent. So, I am “be Here Now” more often than not. And the great part of it is that I don’t have to try too hard to Be Here Now.


Overnight I became a great listener because most of the time I did not have much to say. I was not up to speed on lots of news stories and so did not try to steer the conversation towards one topic or the other. Even major news stories like Egypt was something that I knew very little about. So, at one dinner party, I asked one of my friends what exactly was going on in Egypt. At first my friend was dismayed that I did not know much about the happenings in Egypt. Then he got into the story and I soaked it up. I was truly interested to know all that happened and it probably made my friend’s day as he had a captive audience in me.


I definitely am not as much stressed out as I used to be. No right wing or left wing pundits spinning the news and pushing my buttons to get me stressed. I could definitely say that I am a little bit happier, cheerful and optimistic because of my media diet.

Looking into the future

I am not sure I will stay on this media diet forever. With FlipBoard App I have opened the window for the news stories to trickle in. I am not randomly opening the Google News or Yahoo News nowadays and may not do that in future. No random browsing for news stories either at or So, that’s the plan as of today.

If I convinced you to go on a media diet then please comment on how it helped you.

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