Five Things SI Leaders Need to Know about Innovation (via Leading Strategic Initiatives)

Another great post by Greg Githens and this one on Innovation. There is a story about monkeys living on an island that adopt a behavioral change. This story is being called “hundredth monkey effect” and the idea behind the story is that there is a threshold to be crossed before an innovation becomes a success. Even though this story at best is a good story and not a scientifically proven one, the idea behind it makes sense to me. So, when Greg showed how innovation has a chasm that needs to be crossed before it can succeed, I remembered the monkey story.

Five Things SI Leaders Need to Know about Innovation Leaders commonly speak the word innovation. It conveys a sense of excitement and newness that motivates people.  But let’s be honest. Many times leaders use the word as filler in a speech or press release: a buzzword that occasionally engenders cynicism. Innovation is important, and it deserves a spot in the strategic initiative … Read More

via Leading Strategic Initiatives

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