Mind Mapping – Problem Solving on Steroids

Mind Mapping – Problem Solving on Steroids

Posted on May 19, 2011

Problem Solving on Steroids

To me, Mind Mapping is “Problem Solving on Steroids”. Most of us get paid to solve problems. The bigger problems you solve the higher you get paid. For those of you who never heard what Mind Mapping is, here is a short video on Visual Thinking.

Mindjet MindManager

I have been Mind Mapping for more than a year. It is a great way of thinking visually to replicate the way our minds work. I have been using Mindjet MindManager version 9 that has hooks into all of MS Office suite, Outlook and Sharepoint. The advantage of MindManager is that it avoids any double entry. If you started something in Mind Manager, you can export it into Powerpoint, MS Project or to MS Word. Very simple yet very powerful.

Here is a video that gives a demo on Mindjet MindManager.

Tool for Project Managers

A very useful tool for Project Managers. Easy to build a Project Plan visually. Saves a lot of time. When building a plan with a group, it makes it easy for everyone to follow how the plan is being set up. So much better than MS Project. Once you get all the detailed tasks in then you can export the Mind Map to MS Project.

I prefer to follow the tasks in MindManager as it gives visual clues to which tasks are delayed etc., So can MS Project too and if it is your preference to follow the tasks in MS Project then you can export/import between MS Project and MindManager.

Mind Mapping Templates

There are hundreds of templates on Mind Maps on anything and everything that you can think of. Here is a MindMap that is similar to what I use frequently to solve any problems that show up in my projects.

Hope this post helped you to add one more tool to your arsenal. The world is full of problems and these problems are not going to go away anytime soon. Even if some of these go away, trust me there will be new ones that will replace the current ones. So, take a look at Mind Mapping and let me know how it goes.

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