3 Do’s from the book “Myths of Innovation” by Scott Berkun

3 Do’s from the book “Myths of Innovation” by Scott Berkun

Posted on June 14, 2011

“Don’t worry about people stealing your ideas. If your ideas are any good, you’ll have to ram them down people’s throats” – Howard A Aiken

Here are the 3 Do’s from the book “Myths of Innovation” by Scott Berkun

1. Put in the hours. There is no “Eureka” moment. The stories of an apple falling on Issac Newton’s head and Archimedes running out on street shouting “Eureka! , Eureka! ” are, at best stories. There was plenty of hard work that was put in by these folks before they had their eureka moment, if ever they had one. So, stop looking for your eureka moment and spend time, a lot of time, in defining problems around you and one day you will “discover” your idea. (“The future is already out there, it is just that it is not distributed evenly”)

2. Accept that your child is ugly. You will fall in love with your idea. It may be very obvious to you that your idea is the best and you will defend your idea to the utmost. Don’t. Accept that your idea is half-baked, stupid and useless. Refine it and then find someone who can use your idea. Then start telling the rest of the folks that even though your child is ugly there are folks out there, in the real world, who are willing to adopt your baby. This approach is going to help you because this is the only way the focus can be put on the idea and not on you.

3. Follow the creative process. There is a process that makes you more creative. It could be one thing or a multitude of things. Like getting up early and taking a walk. Or like staying up late and drinking coffee. There will be a unique way of kick starting the creative you which is nothing but getting you to a place where your brain is connecting the dots and solving problems. You need to first find out what works for you and then follow it regularly.

Disclaimer: The 3 Do’s I listed out, is what I got out from this book. I have made some more notes but these are the top 3 for me, for now. You may find something entirely different and more useful Do’s from this book. It is a good book that will eliminate some of the myths that you were taught on innovation and then give you some ideas for doing. Doing is what counts, right? All the talk about innovation is not going to make you the next Steve Jobs or Edison or Newton or whoever is your innovation guru. It is the doing that counts.

So, has this review got you started on solving problems?

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