3 Do’s from iLeadership, Steve Jobs’ Way

3 Do’s from iLeadership, Steve Jobs’ Way

Posted on July 23, 2011

About the Author, Jay Elliot

This book has been written by Jay Elliot who has been close to Steve Jobs and worked with Steve Jobs for a long time. Therefore this book is more credible than some other books whose authors did not have as much interaction with Steve Jobs.

If anyone is looking to find a process for innovation that can be copied and applied in any company to get the results similar to what Apple has shown then this is not the book. After reading this book you will find out that Steve Jobs is a rare kind. There are so many skills that Steve Jobs brings to the table like his technology expertise, business acumen, artistic tendencies, attention to detail and above all leadership skills that it is not easy to find this combination in any leader or even develop in any leader. I am not saying impossible because who has seen the future, right? We may find someone better than Steve Jobs, who knows? But for now after reading this book, I am sure that it is highly unlikely anyone can copy Steve Jobs and achieve his level of success.

Having said that, I would still like to list out 3 Do’s that I take away from this book that I need to be doing on a regular basis to be more successful.

1. Become more productive: I read somewhere that there are 25 million meetings that happen per day in US. Apple seems to have figured out how to make their employees more productive by having less meetings and less committees. I am a big believer in less meetings. Meetings are necessary but only to solve problems. If most of the meetings are for status updates and for information sharing then it is a huge waste of time. Figure out the best way to share information instead of meetings.

2. Focus on Creativity: Steve Jobs has installed the belief system in his teams that anything can be made better. To make things better you need to become good at trial and error. Curiosity to try on new things keeps the creativity alive.

3. Become your own customer.  Steve Jobs loves music. As a music lover he was not satisfied with any product that made listening to music easy and painless. So, he made iPod which was better than any MP3 players on the market. Similarly, as a cell phone customer he was not happy with what was in the market. So, he made a better cell phone. It was Steve Jobs idea that iPhone should have only one button. Simple and easy to use was what he wanted as a customer. So, if you are solving  problem which is nothing but making things better then become your own customer to find out what will work for you.

 These are my 3 Do’s which form a tiny fraction of the book. When I picked this book, I was not looking for any Do’s. I was curious to read about Steve Jobs. That’s all. I have now a better understanding of Steve Jobs and as I mentioned before he is a rare kind.

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  • Reply Greg Githens July 23, 2011 at 9:35 am

    To add to your point about meetings, the most important reason for having a meeting is to make decisions.

    It’s an interesting coincidence that just earlier today I was reading a neat article on Apple titled Invincible Apple: 10 Lessons From the Coolest Company Anywhere. Here is the URL:

    • Reply Shakeel Akhtar July 29, 2011 at 1:18 pm

      Greg, thanks for the comment and also for the link to the article. I am one of the millions who are Apple fans. The more you read and understand Apple’s success the more it becomes clear that Steve Jobs was the key. I have read somewhere that Apple is now conducting management training to replicate Jobs’ way of management. Will be interesting to see how and when this curriculum will go mainstream.

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