Rules of feedback are same as rules of the game “Egg Toss”

Rules of feedback are same as rules of the game “Egg Toss”

Posted on July 31, 2011

If you have never played a game of Egg Toss then here is the link to a site that lists out all the rules of an egg toss.

If the rules of an egg toss are followed then here are some of the things that will happen in the real world of giving and receiving feedback.

  1. Game of feedback is a team game where the objective is for both players to win.
  2. Both players have to be ready before the feedback is tossed
  3. Feedback is not tossed when the back of the player is facing the thrower. This is called “back biting” and both players will lose.
  4. At the beginning of the game, both players are very close to each other so that first toss is easy.
  5. With each successful toss, the players take a step back so as to get better at the game
  6. If the receiving player is unable to catch the feedback then the fault sometimes lies with the toss
  7. If you receive feedback about your team member from someone else other than your team member then it is called “gossip” and you lose the game if you toss the same feedback to your team member.
Ponder on these rules for a minute.
Will relating to a game of egg toss help you when playing the game of feedback in real life?

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