Collaborative Consumption: Sharing is cool and hip says Rachel Botsman

Here are the 2 ideas that I learned from this talk.

  1. Owning Vs Using. As long as something is available for use then it does not matter whether you own it. For example, if a movie is available on Netflix for streaming, will you still buy the DVD? More people are choosing not to buy. A few of them are taking this concept forward to pretty much everything.
  2. Online Reputation. Every like, every share, every post, every tweet and every review that you do online is building your reputation. Your online reputation will become as important as your Credit Report to do business with you if this idea of collaborative consumption becomes mainstream.

After this talk, I created an account in and listed out some DVDs that have been lying around from many years. I also downloaded the iPhone App which can scan the bar code and upload the item directly. No typing needed. Pretty cool!

An observation regarding this presentation is the cool way of using graphics to convey the message. Very minimal use of words and maximum impact. Again, pretty cool!

Has anyone used the sites mentioned by the speaker for collaborative consumption?

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