What the bleep do we know? Movie Review

What the bleep do we know? Movie Review

Posted on September 10, 2011

What the bleep do we know is a movie about quantum physics, consciousness, religion, science, spirituality and a lot more. So, if all these subjects are mixed together then it is not easy to explain in a few sentences what the bleep this movie’s gist is all about. But, I will still try.

Before explaining this movie, I will have to take you back a few hundred years when Galileo was trying to explain that earth was round. Let’s say he came to a very intelligent person like you and told you that he had invented a tool called telescope through which he could see far off objects. Then he explained to you that based on his observation of a ship coming into the view of his telescope, he concluded that earth was round. What would you do?

Let’s say you gave Galileo, the benefit of doubt instead of laughing out loud and then asked some follow up questions. Not one question but numerous questions. For most of these questions Galileo would not have any answer. Many discoveries came later including Newton’s law of gravity. So, Galileo was not in a position to answer many of your intelligent and useful questions. So, you would not be impressed by Galileo’s observation nor his telescope which showed that earth was round.

With this backdrop, I will try to explain what the bleep do we know movie is trying to prove. In the most simplistic form, the film is trying to prove that the entire world is a hologram just like in the movie Matrix. The hologram is designed by God and our brain projects the hologram for us. This concept is explained through interviews with scientists, philosophers and psychologists.

Do I believe this concept? I think I am an intelligent person and I have a lot of questions. And, I am not sure that I will get these questions answered anytime soon because the scientists are still figuring out a lot of stuff. In the meantime, it is definitely worth wrapping our minds around this concept that the world around us is a hologram with infinite possibilities.

Can someone please bend a spoon by simply staring at it like Keanu Reeves did in the movie Matrix?

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