3 Do’s from the book Uncertainty by Jonathan Fields

3 Do’s from the book Uncertainty by Jonathan Fields

Posted on October 15, 2011

Here are the 3 Do’s from the book “Uncertainty: Turning fear and doubt into fuel for Brilliance” by Jonathan Fields. 

  1. Accept uncertainty. Whenever you start on a new path or venture or endeavor, accept the uncertainty. Looking for any guarantees before you start can only lead to mediocre work and not great work. Great work is possible by accepting “uncertainty and its trusted sidekicks: risk of loss and exposure to judgment”. This is the mindset change needed to get started.
  2. Develop a method. With any new venture there is a possibility of a worse case scenario. Depending on the venture, it could be losing everything that you have, going back to zero or worse. Draw out a detailed plan of how you will come out of this scenario if it comes true. You can then go to the next scenario of what if you did not start this venture. Will you be happier five, ten, or fifteen years from now if you did nothing now?. Then go to the final scenario of what if you succeeded. Again, visualize this scenario thoroughly. Hopefully, you will get your answer.
  3. Create rituals. Rituals provide some certainty in uncertain times. Create rituals that are specific for your situation. Creating rituals that matter help in bringing the best out of you. There are many benefits from rituals from enhancing creativity to minimizing distraction to building momentum to gaining mastery.
I highly recommend this book because it provides you tips to change your mindset, methods to handle uncertainty, and actions to succeed despite uncertainty.

Thanks for reading. Have a great day!

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