Book review of Steve Jobs’ new biography by Walter Isaacson – part 1

Steve Jobs’s new biography released this week and it is a large book with 656 pages. So, it is going to take me some time to finish it. Also, my typical post of 500 words or less will not be sufficient to do justice to this book. That is why I thought of writing my review in a series of posts.

Why read this book?

With so many articles, blogs, books, tweets and interviews about Steve Jobs in this month, why read another book? This is the question that I asked myself. I am a huge fan of Steve Jobs’ but that does not mean I want to know every personal detail about Steve Jobs’. I am not that curious. I have enough understanding about Steve Jobs’ way of doing things. Due to this understanding, I have realized that his success cannot be replicated by doing exactly what he did.  So, why read this book?

The main purpose of my reading this book is to confirm some of my own beliefs around how to be creative. Creativity is needed to solve problems. Simply speaking Steve Jobs’ was one heck of a problem solver. He solved problems that people did not even think they had. He also built a highly successful company that collaborated and solved pretty big problems. This ability to solve problems is needed no matter what position, situation or condition you are in your life. As simple as that. If I can come off with a better understanding of how I can solve problems within my area of responsibility, no matter how small or big this area is then I would have gotten the value out of this book.

In short, the purpose of reading this book is to learn to become a better problem solver from one of the best problem solvers’ of this century. If you are thinking as to why you need to be a better problem solver then stop for a moment and understand that if you ever worked for money in your life then the work, however meaningful or meaningless it was, it solved a problem or a multitude of problems. The problems your wages solved were to put food on the table, clothes to cover and a roof above your head, at the bare minimum.

Can anyone follow in Steve Jobs’ footsteps?

In the first 100 pages, I have understood one thing and that is no one can follow in Steve Jobs’ footsteps. IMHO, no one should try to do what he did or say what he said. His parting advice to Tim Cook, the new CEO was to “do what’s right”.

Having said that, I will be focussing on what inspiration, ideas or insights I can gain from this book. It may not be what the author wanted to show-case because so far there are so many personal details about Steve Jobs that are not relevant to what I am looking for.

 Thanks for reading and have a great day!


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