Book review of Steve Jobs’ new biography by Walter Isaacson – part 2

Book review of Steve Jobs’ new biography by Walter Isaacson – part 2

Posted on January 15, 2012

I did not like this book and so I had trouble finishing it. The purpose for which I started reading this book, as outlined in my earlier post, was not fulfilled. The book did not give me any new insights into problem-solving. It was a biography that laid out many details of Steve Jobs’ life in a chronological order.

Another problem that I had with this book was that it did not show Steve Jobs’s in a positive light. There was more negative stuff written about Steve Jobs’ than positive. I felt like the author tried really hard to prove that he was not biased. In trying to do so, he went to the other side by doing a hack job on Steve Jobs’ life. He did not leave any achievement without putting his own, mostly negative spin.

There are many examples. Here are a few.

  1. Steve Jobs’ would listen to someone’s idea and then say later that it was his idea.
  2. Steve Jobs’ would say in public that he is a family man but not give attention to his family.
  3. Steve Jobs’ would give an impression that he is not after money by taking $1 an year salary but then back-date his options to get more money.

More time was spent in explaining Steve Jobs’ hygiene and dietary habits than the process through which he solved his business problems. Despite all that additional detail, one thing that I got out of this book was the enormous trust that Steve Jobs’ had with the folks that he worked with. There is an incident in Steve Jobs’ early life when he puts more trust in Steve Wozniak’s ability than Steve Wozniak himself.

All in all, I will not recommend this book to anyone.

Thanks for reading. Have a great Day!


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