What is the one question that you would ask your Creator?

If you believe that you were created by the Almighty God and if you were given a chance to ask one question to your Creator then what would be that question? Before writing down any question that comes first to your mind, you have to understand the purpose of this question. The sole purpose of the question is to increase your faith. When your Creator answers this question then your faith increases and you get closer to your Creator.

When the purpose of this question is understood, many questions about your future will not qualify. Questions like, “Will I go to heaven?”, “When will I die?”, “How can I become  a billionaire?”, “Who will be the next President?”. Also, general knowledge questions like    “On which planet can we find life?”, “Who killed President Kennedy?”, “Did Shakespeare write all those dramas or someone else?” etc.,

The questions that are valid are, “What is my purpose in life?” , “Is there life after death?”, “What is consciousness?”, “Is there heaven and hell?”. So, any question whose answer will remove some of your doubts and get you closer to your Creator.

Think about this question and post your comment. I am planning on a follow-up post with what my question would be.

Thanks for reading. Have a great day!


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I am a husband and a father striving for a balanced life. It is my belief that a balanced life could result in a life of zero regrets. With this mindset, I am blogging on 7 areas of life that I call the 7 colors of the rainbow of life. We are given 168 hours every week to paint our rainbow with these 7 colors and if we are able to do that then there is a chance that we could find our "pot of gold"
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