What Is Your #1 Risk As A Human Being?

What Is Your #1 Risk As A Human Being?

Posted on January 21, 2012

Last night, I watched the movie “Ides of March” where an agnostic/atheist Governor Mike Morris, played by George Clooney, is running for president. The first dialogue in the movie starts with Ryan Gosling, George Clooney’s strategist saying these words.

I’m not a Christian. I’m not an atheist.

I’m not Jewish. I’m not Muslim.

My religion and what I believe in is called the Constitution of the United States of America

This got me thinking about agnostics and atheists. One thought led to another and I landed on the question, “What is the #1 risk for a human being?” This question then popped up to the top of my list as the topic of today’s blogpost.

If I start identifying risks, I can run through a long list of risks like, “Loss of health”, “Loss of wealth”, “Loss of family”, “Loss of freedom” etc., Depending on your situation in life, one of these risks could be your biggest risk. But let me reframe my question. What is the #1 risk for any human being? Yes, common to any human being.

Some of you may answer “Loss of life” as the #1 risk common to all human beings. Yes, this is a common risk. And yes, the impact of this risk is significant. But there is a risk whose impact could be significantly higher than “Loss of life”. So, let me reframe my question, again. What is the #1 risk for a human being that can have the most impact?

To get to that answer, let me throw in a few “What If” scenarios. What if there is life after death? What if in this new life, you either get to a good place or a bad place based on your performance in this life? What if the good place or the bad place is forever, like billions and billions of years or more? What if the good place is really really good and the bad place is really really bad? What if in the good place you can do whatever you want, whenever you want and for however long you want? Wouldn’t losing this good place pose as the #1 risk for any human being?

Even if there is 0.000001 % chance that our life on earth is only a journey, the impact of this risk “Loss of a pretty darn good place” is pretty high. We are talking about forever. Like infinite number of years. No matter how many zeros you put after the decimal point and before 1, multiplying it by infinity would still make it infinity. So, the impact for our future life will be very significant which in my honest opinion, makes it the “# 1 risk”.

The purpose of this blogpost was only to identify the #1 risk for a human being that has the most impact. I am not an expert in this area and so do not have any answers now on how to go about avoiding it. For now, I will leave it at “be good and do good”, maybe? 

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