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An iPad A Day Keeps The Teacher Away?

An iPad A Day Keeps The Teacher Away?

Posted on January 24, 2012

Last week, my daughter’s Kindergarten class got a new iPad. Her teacher was very excited about this and asked the parents of her class to suggest some learning Apps for the kids. I have blogged earlier about delegating some parenting tasks to iPad and now am very happy to see that some teaching tasks are also being delegated.

Whether you like it or not, the future is here. In a few years, every kid will have a personal tablet that will be used for learning and entertainment. India has built a prototype for a $50 tablet PC called Aakash and the idea is to put this in the hands of every kid in India.

Access to top notch education will become easy and affordable. iTunesU has full online courses from many universities and Apple has opened up iTunesU for K-12 students too. This can level the playing field in education. Any kid who shows the aptitude to learn can get the best of education without any consideration to location or cost. Definitely, interesting times.

What about putting the fun in learning? With interactive text books, games and student collaboration, learning is now fun, thanks to Apple. No more boring classes and unnecessary courses.

With multiple choices of teachers, when the student is ready, the teacher will show up, instantaneously.

Every facet of education will be looked over now. Do kids need to come to the class or they can stay home and finish their homework online? Do kids of same age need to be in a same course or kids of same aptitude/skill? Will there be new problems? Guaranteed. At least the old problems of access, cost, location will go away to bring in new problems.

While better minds than me will be grappling with these questions, my personal struggle is to ween away my Kindergartner from watching cartoons on iPad to using the iPad apps for learning.

Any suggestions how I go about that?


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