Struggling with Meditation? Oprah and Deepak can help!

MeditationI received another email to signup for Oprah & Deepak Finding your flow 21-day meditation experience. I tried a similar 21-day experience the last time, which I  liked and so will try it again now. In the earlier challenge, I could not complete the 21-day experience and probably meditated around 15 days. This time, I am hoping to stick to the entire 21 days program.

My meditation experiment has been more off than on in the past two years. Before that, I was never interested in meditation because I did not think I could sit still for any amount of time and also I never thought I could stop thinking even for a minute. I got interested when I came across the benefits of meditation in the books that I read. One such book was “Happiness Hypothesis” by Jonathan Haidt. In this book, the author makes a great case for mediation and he ranks that as a number one prescription for depression.

Another book that mentioned meditation’s benefits was, “The Willpower Instinct” by Kelly McGonigal. I am thinking this is the book that actually started me on meditation. I think in this book, the author stated that there is no right or wrong way of meditation. If your mind wanders then it is ok; because the act of bringing your mind back is what matters more than the wandering of the mind. That act strengths the focus muscles and when you are in real life situations where you need to bring your focus back then there will be a marked improvement.

Since I am all for productivity, increasing focus through meditation felt like a productive habit to have. Also, when the author wrote that even 5 minutes a day should help, I decided to start meditation. That was two years ago and during these two years, I was more off of meditation than I was on. And, here I am now starting out again, hoping that maybe this 21-day experience may help me keep this habit.

What I fondly remember from the last meditation experience is the introduction by Oprah and Deepak before starting the meditation. I felt that their talk got me into the right frame of mind and this enhanced my meditation experience. Here is the link if you are interested. There is a sample meditation if you want to try out and the challenge is starting April 14. Oprah and Deepak Finding your flow 21-day meditation experience.

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