“How much money do I need to retire?”- Book Review

“How much money do I need to retire?”- Book Review

Posted on April 19, 2014

A few months back, I subscribed to a blog – financial mentor by Todd Tresidder. After toon-1724going through some of the posts, I ordered Todd’s e-book, “How much money do I need to retire?”. As you can see from my blog, I have only 8 posts on one of my rainbow colors, “Financial Freedom” and if you look at their titles, you can see that not many of these give any tips or the steps that I have taken to become financially free. Also, 3 of these posts have been written in the past week. With this info, it is not hard to put two and two together to understand that this is my weak area of focus that needs to be balanced.

I ordered this book so that my future self will not hate my present self. On top of that, this book is marketed as “60-minute Financial Solutions” and so I thought this can be a good, easy first step. Also, in 60-minutes, I can breeze through it. Yes, I breezed through it because my financially-illiterate brain could not grasp much of what was being said.

There was a mismatch in what was expected and how I approached it. I read this book toon540while waiting to pick up my daughter from her school and her lessons. So, I did not have the energy or the motivation to do any calculations that were required to understand things better. Now that I am writing this blog, I am getting the motivation to go back and read this book again. As I have said before, this blog is a reminder for me to do the things that I need to do because I read my words more than anyone else.

I understand that I am not doing a great job in reviewing this book but now that I plan to toon345read it again, I will come back with my updated review. In the meantime, check out Todd’s blog and his books as I feel that he is genuine. Here is a link to his book on Amazon and you can go through some of the reviews and decide for yourself whether this is a book that is going to be useful for you.

If you come across any other retirement books that you liked then please drop me a note and in the meantime, I will try to finish the book, this time with the intention of knowing how much money do I really need to retire?

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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