Little girls and horses – a magical connection

Horse back riding at Cherry Creek

Horse back riding at Cherry Creek

Now that summer is around the corner, I am planning to take my daughter horse-back riding. Heba started horse-back riding for the first time last summer but because of my work-related travel, I could not take her to the staples as much as she wanted.

The pictures are from her first horse-back riding at the 12-mile stables in cherry creek park. We almost did not go due to my work but Heba insisted that if I kept this promise then I will get 99 more chances. Those were the over worked days at my earlier job when I was regularly breaking promises. The biggest promise that we had broken (because of my job) was to not take her to Disney world on her seventh  birthday. That promise was finally kept after a 8-month delay when we went to Disney world this month.

Horse back riding

Horse back riding

I did not know why Heba was so crazy about horses but the wrangler told me that most girls are. All along the trip, Heba had a big smile and kept on asking tons of questions to the wrangler riding with her. She asked about riding lessons, when is the best time to take riding lessons and everything else related to horses. This summer, I am planning to get her some lessons otherwise this can easily become one more regret later in life.

Trying to get back on track to live a balanced life that could result in zero regrets.

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