Nutritarian diet by Dr. Joel Fuhrman

Nutritarian diet by Dr. Joel Fuhrman

Posted on April 20, 2014

Dr Joel Fuhrman’s new book, “The End of Dieting” was released last month and I am planning to read it. Dr Fuhrman came up with the nutritarian diet and it may look like a contradiction that someone who came up with a diet is talking about ending all dieting. I am guessing he will be talking about a way of life. I will read the book and find out more. In the meantime, let me talk about how came to know of Dr Fuhrman and how I have started trusting his advice.

I came across Dr Fuhrman for the first time when I watched the documentary, “Fat, sick and nearly dead” (I blogged more about this movie in my earlier post). Since we watched this movie on netflix, we got some more recommendations and of which I watched another movie, Vegucated. Dr Fuhrman was in that movie too. Around the same time, I was shopping in Whole Foods and I saw his book, “Eat to Live” which was featured prominently. With all these signs, I felt that this doctor could be trustworthy. With so many doctors and so many diets, one can get easily confused. If not confused,  we at least need to take into consideration Dr Atkins diet’s rise and fall. So, caution is the key.

This was back in 2012 and I then went to his website. I checked out bunch of real-life Nutritarian Dietstories and decided to become a member. As part of that membership, I got a book, “Eat for Health” which had recipes too. That’s when I tried to be a vegan for a few months. That experiment did not last long and will talk about it, in more detail some other day. Anyhow, the nutritarian diet pyramid made great sense to me.

There was also one other thing that really intrigued me. The concept of hunger as explained by Dr Fuhrman.  Difference between toxic hunger caused by processed foods and throat huger caused by eating high-nutrient foods. Here is a link to a detailed paper if you want to read his full research on this topic. I personally felt the difference in my hunger levels after trying the vegan diet. I was surprised on how I could function so well on just raw veggies.

(On a side note, I saw the imbalance in my posts and that there were less posts on fitness, family and financial freedom. To address this imbalance, I am forcing myself to write more on these topics because if I did not force myself then my fallback mechanism was to write on faith and fulfilling work. The advantage that I now see by forcing myself to write on fitness, is the regret I am now feeling for not pursuing with my fitness goals.)

By trying out the vegan diet and seeing some benefits, my trust in Dr Fuhrman has been solidified.  I was also on the lookout for a multi-vitamin and since there are many of them on market, was not sure which one to use. I read the info on the multi-vitamin that Dr Fuhrman was selling and ordered it from

This post is giving me the motivation to restart eating right and am hoping the new book from Dr Fuhrman will reinforce that message. I will have a follow up post after I finish reading this book but in the meantime, I hope this have provided you enough information to check out Dr Fuhrman. If you have any similar experiences then please drop a line.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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