Finding your flow – Oprah and Deepak Meditation

Finding your flow – Oprah and Deepak Meditation

Posted on April 21, 2014

In one of my earlier posts, I blogged about the Oprah and Deepak meditation experience. This is a follow-up post to say that I finally started the 21-day meditation experience yesterday. The meditations are kept for 5 days before the older ones get deactivated. Since I started 8 days late, I missed out Day 1 and Day 2. Even though it is just two days of meditation that I did, I wanted to post my experience because of how much I liked it. If this additional reminder helps anyone to start or continue the meditation then the purpose of this post will be fulfilled.


The format of the meditation is very helpful and gets us in the right frame of mind. Oprah starts out with a few motivational sentences or quotes and then hands over to Deepak. Deepak takes a minute or two to introduce the mantra, the centering thought, posture, and breathing. After that the music starts playing till the time is up. Deepak comes back after the meditation and finishes up by reminding the centering thought and the frame of mind to be in during the rest of the day. This format, I think is very good when compared to doing it alone.


Everyday you will get a reminder email with the links as well as write up that is specific to the centering thought for that day. Here is a sample email for day 1.

Day 1—Finding Security

Welcome to our 21-Day Meditation Experience, Finding Your Flow! We are so happy that you are joining us.

Over the next three weeks together, we will learn to connect with the flow of our life force—a powerful current that will guide, transform, and awaken us to our true selves.

The flow of life is composed of various streams of energy . . . our impulses for security, happiness, power, love, creativity, insight, and self-actualization all move together to form our unique life expression. In living this expression, we find our flow—the universal rhythm within that is the infinite source of joy, balance, harmony, and love. We begin our journey by establishing our core sense of security as the stable basis for all the growth to come.

Our centering thought for today is:

My security and peace are within.


You can reflect your experience in the online journal and it seems like there is an active community. I did not go through these comments but if you need then you have the support of the community too.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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