Save money on books, try

Save money on books, try

Posted on April 23, 2014


My dad once told me a story about his friend who was a bookworm. This guy was well known as a voracious reader and when he visited old books stores in big cities, he used to buy tens of books at a time. I think this was back in the late 50s or early 60s. Their small town did not have a good bookstore and so he used to to go to a city to buy books. And when he went there, he would buy tens of books at a time. This reminds me of my own time, when in my early days, I spent more time searching for a book than to actually read it. Things are so different now.

Books have never been as readily available in the entire history of books as they are now. It is now common to see a book released in all 3 formats, print, e-book and audio on its publication day.  Its never been as instantaneous and easy to start reading as it is these days. And I think it is going to be even better when you can 3D print a book at home. Coming back to my dad’s friend’s story, during one of his book buying sprees, the bookseller funnily remarked to also buy time to read the books that he bought.

In this regard things have not changed much. Most of us face this issue of not enough time. There are more books being published than ever before and it is easy to get tempted and buy more books than we can read. Alas! if only we could also purchase time when we buy these books. It is the same in many aspects. Cornucopia!. There are more TV shows to watch than we have time. There are more gossip columns to read than we have time. There are more places to visit than we have time. Coming back to books, in my case, I had monthly subscriptions to safaribooksonline, books24X7 and audible in the hope that it would be cheaper and also if I don’t read a book then I won’t feel I wasted money on it.

For some reason, I get interested in a lot of books. Especially when I am in a library, I pick books as a 5-year old picking up candy on a halloween party. Eventually, I end up paying late fees to the library on a regular basis. Adding to this expense is the spur of the moment purchases of kindle books. Not to forget Barnes & Noble store purchases. All these add up to a hefty expenditure for books.

Satya Nadella, the new CEO of Microsoft, in one of the interviews mentioned that he buys more books than he can read. In his financial state, it is perfectly fine for him but I am not in that state and so have been looking to cut where possible. I have cut my online book subscriptions to only audible and that too only one credit a month. Our public library has lots of e-books that can be easily downloaded to kindle. No late fees and so I am trying that too. I have also signed up for I have not yet swapped a book yet but this looks promising.

The other advantage of this website is that it has a sister site The credit from one of these sites can be used to get a book. I have some DVDs that I can trade to get credits for books. If any of you have already checked out this website then please let me know how your experience has been. I will post later if I am able to swap books there and in the meantime any suggestions on how to cut down this expensive habit will be very much appreciated.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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