Noah movie – a regretful experience

Noah movie – a regretful experience

Posted on May 9, 2014

Before I talk about the movie Noah, let me give you some background of why we ended upNoah watching the movie Noah, in the first place.

Recently, the AMC theaters in Southlands which are near to where we live, have been renovated with reclining seats and a dine-in restaurant. I took my daughter to these theaters for the first time to watch Lego movie.  We ordered food in the dine-in restaurant and it was served to us inside. The reclining seats made it feel as though the movie was being shown to just the two of us. We loved the experience so much that we couldn’t wait to see another movie there.

That same weekend, I took my wife to these theaters to watch “The 300: Rise of an empire”. Since “300” was sold out, we watched “Pompeii”  instead, which was good too. We ordered food again and had a good time. Because of the new and enhanced experience of watching movies, I felt that we should take my wife’s parents out to these theaters and show them a good time. A little background about my in-laws is due here as to why this was a big deal.

My in-laws are very conservative and don’t like movies that much. That too Hollywood movies. It probably had been months since they watched a movie in a theater. Knowing all this, we waited for the right movie to take them out. When Noah came along, we felt that there couldn’t be a better movie than this. We planned to take them out to dinner and a movie, as our appreciation for all the good things that they do for us.

It was the first weekend of its release and to avoid any sold-out scenario, I went early to reserve seats and found out that the evening shows were sold out and only the late-night show was available. This changed our plans as we could not drop our daughter at the day-care since it closes at 11 PM. I convinced my 7-year old that it was a movie  about a Prophet who saved animals. She was not very convinced but reluctantly agreed to come with us. I also thought she would anyhow fall asleep and so her being with us for a PG13 movie was going to be a non-factor. To be on the safe-side we packed our iPad too.

The dinner was great and even the desserts were better than expected. The five of us then settled down to watch this movie that had these great actors, Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly and Anthony Hopkins. As the movie progressed, the darkness and the horror scared Heba and we gave her the iPad but that did not help. I took her out for sometime to give her a break from the on-screen mayhem. We sat outside for more than 15 mins and came inside when Heba was sleepy. Fortunately, Heba fell asleep but the mayhem on the screen worsened further.

The general feeling after the movie was that of a shock. I should have read the reviews especially Glenn Beck’s review who said that this movie felt like a “Biblical Chainsaw Massacre”. If the expectation was not of a great prophet then the movie would not have been that bad. The story would have seemed like many futuristic movies, dark and dreary. To be fair, the trailer and the movie poster did not hide the darkness of the movie. But had no clue that a story that is so commonly known can be twisted so badly.

Overall, this was a regretful experience. To forget this regretful experience we need to go out to another movie; a kids movie perhaps.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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