The Croods – A movie worth watching to appreciate human survival

We watched the movie, “The Croods” again after it was released on Netflix, this time with hd-wallpapers-the-croods-s-1080p-movies-wallpaper-hdthe entire family.  What was interesting, other than the storyline of how a family during the caveman era survives an earthquake are the harsh conditions of life.

The conditions of human life were so difficult then that the survival of humans as a species is so unbelievable. Looking at the dangers that every individual, predating the homo sapiens species, when there were no tools and no way to control the elements, survived and grew the family, is miraculous.

I cannot imagine living in that era and surviving. Yet, humans as a species not just survived but took over the entire planet. Some contribute that to the evolution of human brain but human brains evolved slowly over millions of years. So, it cannot be just about the brains.

In “Born to Run” book, Christopher McDougall proposes an interesting theory about how humans survived because the human body evolved into that of a long-distance runner. So, humans were able to out run a prey and kill it. It is a good theory but does not address how  humans survived before becoming long-distance runners.

In the book “Story of human body”, Daniel Lieberman states that “Like every family story, our species’ evolutionary history is rewarding to learn but confusingly messy and full of gaps.”. Daniel Lieberman then goes onto explain these gaps and to be honest the more I read this book, the more I understood how much of this science is simple guesswork. On a side note, I have not been able to complete this book as it is very voluminous with a lot of scientific jargon that puts me to sleep within 10 mins of reading it.

One other theory is the use of tools by humans that assisted in the human survival. In my bifacehumble opinion this theory also does not stand up especially after watching a Ted Talk where a simple tool as shown next was the only tool that humans had for thousands of years. Just imagine generations and generations of families survived with what was the latest technology of those times, a chiseled stone. To me it is still a miracle how our ancestors survived day in and day out.

Coming back to “The Croods” movie, the opening scene of the hunt show cases the difficult times for a human family in olden times. Having said that, it is a very funny movie that has been very successful at the box-office. A sequel to this movie as well as TV series are in the works. If you have not watched it then I highly recommend it.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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