Agile to the rescue for busy families

I came across this Ted Talk about how Agile methodology is being used by families very successfully. It is a very interesting talk and is titled, Agile Programming — for your family. Check it out at the link below.

Many busy families have been trying to address this situation. Steven Covey talked about the weekly family meeting in his book, ” 7 habits of highly effective people”.  Another book that I really liked which gave some solutions for busy families is the book, “The three big questions for a frantic family” by Patrick Lencioni.

Hope this video gives you some tips on handling busy situations in your daily life.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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I am a husband and a father striving for a balanced life. It is my belief that a balanced life could result in a life of zero regrets. With this mindset, I am blogging on 7 areas of life that I call the 7 colors of the rainbow of life. We are given 168 hours every week to paint our rainbow with these 7 colors and if we are able to do that then there is a chance that we could find our "pot of gold"
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