How did our ancestors survive? Part – 1

My earlier blog post, “The Croods – A movie worth watching to appreciate human survival“, generated lots of interest and so I am following up with a series of posts to explain how our ancestors survived and how we have it so easy now. Definitely, it is obvious that in terms of the standard of life, this generation has it easy compared to our ancestors but I am not sure we have a solid comprehension of how bad it was for our ancestors. The movie “The Croods”, opened my eyes to the travails of our ancestors and when I came across some more scientific facts, I have become more aware of the difficult times faced by our ancestors.

The reason for sharing this awareness is not just to appreciate the current living standards but also to remind myself to be worthy of the sacrifices and hardships that our ancestors endured to survive and pass on their genes to the next generations. Not just that, I am sure each one of our ancestors hoped, wished, prayed, struggled, and invented so that the next generation lived a better life.

Since these posts are going to be in a series, I am thinking of researching on a few things when I get stuck and so any guidance in the form of a book reference or a documentary reference will help.

Deciding on who to pick as the ancestor is tricky. During one of my discussions on this topic, I was told that the first ape that stood up and started walking upright can be a good starting point as an ancestor. I liked that suggestion and so I am starting from waaaayyyy back when an ape stood upright and humans as a species never looked back from then on.

Understanding the challenges faced by the first ape who started walking upright because of some genetic abnormality or evolution would be interesting. How far back was it? What were the conditions then? How did this ape’s family survive? What was the method of communication?

I will try to answer these questions in my next post and explore similar questions in subsequent posts moving from one representative of our ancestors to the next representative of our ancestors even if these representatives are separated by thousands of generations.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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