Shark Tank – Turning out to be one of my favorite TV shows

Shark Tank – Turning out to be one of my favorite TV shows

Posted on June 5, 2014

I recently came across the TV series Shark Tank where the Sharks look for investing in the businesses and products that they think will bring them profits. Here is a brief introduction of the Sharks as shown on website. The Sharks are: billionaire Mark Cuban, owner and chairman of AXS TV and outspoken owner of the 2011 NBA championship Dallas Mavericks; real estate mogul Barbara Corcoran; “Queen of QVC” Lori Greiner; technology innovator Robert Herjavec; fashion and branding expert Daymond John; and venture capitalist Kevin O’Leary. In every episode, budding entrepreneurs pitch their ideas/businesses/products to these sharks who in turn evaluate these ventures and compete against each other to invest. 

Even though this show has been airing from 4 or more seasons, I had not come across it. So far, I have seen only 4 or 5 episodes of this show. It is now turning out to be one of my favorite shows. I like the business acumen shown by these investors. Also, the success stories of some of the entrepreneurs are very inspiring and encouraging. Some of the business ideas brought forth by the participants may make you think, “It is so simple, why did I not think of that” or “Darn it! I had the same idea and now someone has done something with it”

I am especially impressed with Mark Cuban. I have seen him multiple times on TV, especially in NBA games and that side of him is so different from what he projects in this TV show. His astuteness is very impressive. I wanted to know more about him and so watched his documentary, “Bloomberg Game Changers: Mark Cuban“. It is a great story worth watching at least once.

I think that anyone who is planning on starting a business should watch this TV show to understand what the do’s and dont’s are when presenting to investors. What type of valuation makes sense to investors and what type of investment works for your business? If you do not need any business advice or motivation, this show is still worth watching because of the entertainment value. The shark fights are sometimes intense and entertaining. Which contestants got what they were looking for and how they went about it is also interesting. Overall, I am liking this show and will blog on any particular episode that I liked.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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