One simple and easy way to improve brain power – Use lumosity

I came across lumosity sometime last year, enrolled in it, played a few games here and BrainImplantCartoonthere and completely forgot about it. Today, my wife pointed me to a blog, where the blogger talked about improving brain performance using lumosity, meditation and other techniques. It was a very good reminder and I followed up immediately, logged into lumosity today and played a few games.

If you are regular to my blog you will know that I have written about many good things that I started for self-improvement but then failed to continue. This is also one of them as I had joined lumosity sometime in Feb of 2013. Since this blog, in a way,  is a reminder for me to keep doing the good things that I started and stopped, I am making a public commitment to start using lumosity to improve my brain performance.

If you have never heard of lumosity then by now, you may be curious to know what it is allgurus_brain_working_out_601975 about. Here is the website. Check it out for yourself and enroll in it if you can. Lumosity has an app that you can download to your mobile device and play these brain games at your convenience though the app may not have all the games that the website has.

I am planning to use lumosity regularly and track my improvement.  If you have used lumosity before then please let me know your experience.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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I am a husband and a father striving for a balanced life. It is my belief that a balanced life could result in a life of zero regrets. With this mindset, I am blogging on 7 areas of life that I call the 7 colors of the rainbow of life. We are given 168 hours every week to paint our rainbow with these 7 colors and if we are able to do that then there is a chance that we could find our "pot of gold"
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