“What is your concept of God?” asks Carl Sagan – part 3

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“What is your concept of God?” asks Carl Sagan – part 3

Posted on June 14, 2014

In part-2 of this series, I wrote about how the discussion of God and God’s characteristics can be all-inclusive irrespective of anyone’s belief. It is like starting out with a clean slate because the question will now not be, “Does God exist?”. This question, we all know cannot be conclusively answered. Let me be more specific. There is no scientific God. What do I mean by that?

Science seeks evidence. For example, if a scientist says that when you drop two balls of different weights then both will hit the ground at the same time. The scientist can then lay out the steps that you need to do to get the same result. Once you get the same result then there is no argument.

Trust me, people argued about this simple truth for centuries. It is said that people believed Aristotle when he said something like a rock and a feather fall to the ground at different times which means a heavier object travels to the ground faster than a lighter object.

Centuries later, Galileo demonstrated from the leaning tower of Pisa, how two objects of different weights fall to the ground at the same time. People did not know how until, after a few centuries, Newton explained it with his theory of gravity. Now, I don’t think anyone is arguing about this since our common understanding is based on a scientific truth. Anyone can try it out and expect the same results.

If we apply the same logic then to see/know a scientific God then there needs to a step-by-step process for anyone to get the same result. The result of seeing a scientific God. Once you see this God, there cannot be any doubt in your mind that this is God. Here is a very important thing to note. What will be the criteria or in other words what will be the characteristics of God?

Without an agreed upon understanding of the common characteristics of God, there will not be a general agreement about God. What I mean by that is, if by chance you see God, then you may not be able to recognize. Not that I believe anyone is going to stumble onto God.

Hope I have made clear what I mean by a scientific God. A repeatable way of seeing/knowing God. Since that has not happened so far (ask anyone around you if they have seen God) then we can safely drop off the question, “Does God exist?”. There is no value in it.

Then the next question that may engender common understanding is the billion-century question, “What if God exists?”

I will start a new series with this question and end the current series of, “What is your concept of God?” Thanks to Carl Sagan, my mind has been opened up to a scientific way of thinking about God and having a concept of God that can be closer to truth.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!


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