Trust issues with doctors, how real is it for you?

A recent news article on CNN, Senate grills Dr Oz, (link to the video), brought some of the trust issues that I have faced with the medical advice I received from my doctors.

The seed of mistrust was planted by the training that I have taken as an employee in healthcare companies especially health insurance companies. Every six months or so, employees are required to take compliance training in which case studies of healthcare frauds are reviewed and actions needed to prevent these frauds are explained. While getting trained, I have been amazed by the number of frauds committed by doctors’ offices and hospitals.

This training definitely opened my eyes on how the system works. The current healthcare system is not based on outcomes. The patient’s best interest seems to be sometimes, not at the forefront. Without digressing too much into this broad topic of healthcare system issues, let me talk about my personal opinions.

I think that doctors are not impervious to the pressures from pharmaceutical companies. I also think that doctors cannot keep up with the medical advancements and sometimes, solely rely on the marketing materials masquerading as third-party studies that are handed out by the pharmaceutical salesmen.

There is a popular assumption which I don’t think is backed up by any study, that if a doctor_cartoon-13174doctor has to stay up-to date with the scientific advances in his/her field of study after his/her graduation then the doctor has to spend another 8 years of study. Just to keep up-to date. I don’t think this is based on any study but it definitely highlights the predicament of the doctors.

The news article of Dr Oz started this whole train of thought and a quick disclaimer.

I have not watched Dr Oz’s shows neither have I followed any of his advice. I know Dr Oz only through ads that show up on my  browser when I am reading sports articles. Even though this is another incident that adds to my increasing belief/opinion that doctors, sometimes do not act in your best interest, I would like to say that it is my personal opinion and I am in no way trying to say that all doctors are bad.

All I am saying is that I do not have blind faith in any medical advice I receive and will getdoc-second opinion a second or third opinion if I am allowed to.

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