What if… there is God? – part 1

What if… there is God? – part 1

Posted on June 20, 2014

is there a God

The right question is not, “Is there God?” because there is no scientific God. No repeatable scientific experiment can be conducted as of today to prove the existence of a scientific God which means if I see God then I cannot show you God by saying, “Put on this device and you will see God” and later, you build a similar device with the instructions that I give you. The device works and you also see God. You don’t stop there, you show God to others. In no time, everyone sees God and it become an established truth just like earth is round or that earth is not the center of the universe etc.,

There is no such scientific experiment that I know of. Unless such experiment is devised, there is no use asking the question, “Is there God?”

A good question to ask is, “what if… there is God?”. This to me has a chance to address many issues that we are currently facing. To get a discussion going on this question, I need to first define what my concept of God is.

My concept of God, is of an Infinite God who created the Universe, the Galaxies, the Sun, the Earth, the Moon and all living beings. I know that this concept may not resonate with everyone but let me make my case.

My concept of The God or The Creator is based on the following assumptions. I am saying assumptions and not beliefs because my assumptions are open for discussion/debate.

Assumption #1: When The Creator meets the created, the created will know for sure that it is the Creator. No explanations needed. No proofs needed. As simple as that.

Assumption #2: In the presence of the Creator, the created cannot disobey. It is not going to happen. It is not meant to be and it is not in the nature of the created. If it ever happens then it will be the first and the last. A very good example is Satan’s disobedience which was only once and from then on Satan was condemned to Hell. No second chances. No freewill.

Assumption #3: Out of love for the created, the Creator plans to give temporary freewill to any creation that volunteers. Humans volunteer. The Creator becomes unseen to humans (per assumption #2) and humans get freewill.

Assumption #4: To keep the freewill permanently, humans have to live by some norms/laws during the allocated lifetime.

Assumption #5: The norms/laws to live by are self-explanatory and easy. But sometimes humans get them all confused because of egos, politics and selfishness and that’s when a human/or a group of humans establish a connection to the Creator and download the true laws.

These assumptions are the basis for my concept of God. This is how I can say that there is no scientific God and in the same breath talk about an Infinite God. It may seem contradictory but that is how most complex and complicated concepts are.

Many scientific and religious folks have written books and given speeches to address this complicated concept and I am here trying to explain these in a blog post. I understand the daunting task ahead.  I will try to simplify to the best of my ability. My goal is to accomplish as much as possible for a common understanding. With common understanding we would be able to get closer to the Truth or the Reality.

To develop this common understanding, we need to ask the right question and to me, the right question is not, “Is there God?” but “What if.. there is God?”

I will explore in a little bit more depth the above question in my next posts.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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