What if…there is God? – part 2

In part – 1 of this series, I explained why the right question is not, “Is there God?” and instead a better one is, “What if… there is God?”. This may lead to a common understanding and a common understanding may get us closer to the truth.

With this question we can start with a blank slate to answer the questions that have been plaguing humankind for a long time. One such question is “Why can’t we see God?”.


God is unseen for a reason. My theory is that once anyone sees God there is no going back. No going back to a human existence. Why? I will try to answer this not-so-easy question. (Appreciate if any gaps in my thinking are pointed so as to help me get a better understanding)

Human body is a vehicle for the soul that it carries. A soul’s creation could have happened before the human body came into existence and the soul is transferred into the human body by God. The soul may somehow know the existence of God and the life it led before coming into the human body but this knowledge is obviously, hidden. This must be one of the conditions of a human existence.

When the soul residing in a human body sees God in its human existence then the barrier is broken and all knowledge will return. Then the soul cannot go back to its human existence. Why?

Imagine you become an ant and forget that you were a human being. One day your consciousness returns and you realize that you have been living as an ant. With this consciousness you obviously, cannot live like an ant. Any ant behavior will be menial and disgusting. Any ant relationships will become trivial. The entire ant life will become meaningless.

Similarly, when you regain the consciousness of an other worldly soul and look at the human life, you may realize that the relationships and the busyness of a human life are meaningless in comparison to who you were and what you were capable of.

That, to me is the reason why we cannot see God. When the soul meets its Creator, the soul will know. There will be no explanation from the Creator, no proof needed from the Creator to inform the soul of its creation. The soul will know. That, I think is the fundamental condition between a Creator and the created.

The “what-if” question creates a blank slate from which we can try to make sense of the complicated world around us.

I will explore further on this topic in my next post of this series.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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