What if…there is God? – part 3

What if…there is God? – part 3

Posted on July 4, 2014

In part-2 of this series, I wrote about the fundamental condition between the Creation and the created. It is that the created soul will know The Creator the moment it comes in contact with The Creator. No explanation needed. No proof needed. That is as good a condition as it can be, in my honest opinion.

The full experience will happen after the death of the human body and until then if there is  any experience then the experience is not complete. (I will avoid using, “in my honest opinion” because it is understood that these are all my opinions, some strong and some weak but nevertheless just my opinions). There has been lots of books written about this experience, a spiritual one, from time immemorial. It is complicated and not so much conducive for a small blog post. Let me simplify.

Reality = Experience

Whatever you experience is your Reality. Many experiences are common and so we have a common Reality. There are some experiences that are uncommon and these are so strong that they alter your perception of Reality. When these uncommon experiences are explained to rest of the common folks, some understand, some get confused and many ignore. To put it simply, in reality, Reality seems elusive.

That is when folks expect science to explain Reality. But the problem with science is that it has many branches and sub-branches. With these different branches, Reality becomes like the proverbial elephant that is being understood by 4 blind men. Each blind man has his own experience. One says it is like a tree, another says it is like a rope. Each one is right but no one has the full picture.

Sometimes, a spiritual experience gives the blind the power to see the Reality. It is like seeing the elephant for a brief moment but not knowing what the elephant is capable of nor where the elephant came from. Also, it makes it tough to explain this experience to the folks who have never seen an elephant before. So, it is complicated and here is an example to further illustrate my point.

I came across an interesting biography of a guy called Bruno from the science show on TV, “Cosmos: A space-time Odyssey”, hosted by Neil Degrasse Tyson. Bruno sees a vision of  earth as a planet revolving around Sun. This was in 16th century or so when earth was considered to be at the center of the universe and the sun was thought to revolve around the earth.

When Bruno spoke about his vision, he did that in a strong way and not as an idea or a concept. He got on a pulpit, condemned folks who could not understand his Reality. Bruno’s contention was that his new Reality proved God more powerful and more worthy of worship. Bruno’s Reality is now common knowledge.

I have talked about this in my earlier blog post about the pale, blue dot that earth is. This Reality is more amazing than the one where earth is flat and the sun goes round the earth during the day and during the night it travels back to east and rises back from east. This reality would be so boring!. But our ancestors lived in this Reality for millions of years.

Anyhow, coming back to our story, Bruno gets rejected every where but does not give up 1024px-Brunostatueon his Reality. He gets into trouble with the Catholic Church and when the Church sentences him to death, he says this memorable words which have made him a science martyr. Perhaps your fear in passing judgment on me is greater than mine in receiving it.”

To stop Bruno from talking any further, his tongue was pierced and jaw locked down. Bruno was then burnt on the stake. In other words Bruno literally staked his life for his Reality which manifested to him through a spiritual experience. Today, there is a statue of Bruno in Rome in the spot where he was killed.

With Bruno’s story as the backdrop, we can add spiritual experience to the understanding of Reality.

Reality = Physical Experience + Spiritual Experience

We may know the true Reality when physical experience is enhanced through spiritual experience. With his spiritual experience Bruno was able to explain better the physical experience of Sun rising from the east every day, movement of stars etc., Rest of the folks did not understand him because Reality like the proverbial elephant was limited in experience for them.

I will elaborate on this further in my next post on this topic.

Thanks for reading and var a great day! 

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