How did our ancestors survive? part – 7

How did our ancestors survive? part – 7

Posted on July 5, 2014

In part-6 of this series, I linked a documentary titled, “The Search For Scientific Adam”. This documentary showed a scientist using DNA analysis to find out if all existing humanity came from one person and if so where did he live and how did he look like. If you have not watched this documentary then spoiler alert! Yes, the search is successful.

To me, it is amazing that all of us came from one single person. That all of us have one common human ancestor. Also, since all life came from one single amoeba, for some it may not seem such a big deal about having a common ancestor. Because we have a tendency to search for patterns and meanings, having one common ancestor gives a little bit more meaning. Let me explain.

If there was one common ancestor to all of existing humanity in all these different parts of the world then why did people not stay in one place? Why did folks move from a familiar place to a new place and start all over again? New place, new foods, new challenges, new predators, new climatic conditions and new methods for surviving?

Survival was possible only in groups. Only groups could hunt and bring food. Surviving as an individual or a family was almost impossible. So, why did groups decide to move out from the familiar base and expand into different territories? Was there a system that was put in place? A collaborative system that chose/volunteered/trained folks to move out of the base after the group reached a certain number.

We may never know but it is worth spending a few minutes to reflect on the driving factors for not just survival but growth. One day humans may outlive the earth, the solar system and find new homes in space. On the other hand, with the current climate change and wars, it may look like humans are ready for extinction. As the comedian George Calvin ranted about it as shown in the youtube video below, the only reason why we are here could be plastic. Earth needed plastic. It created humans. We made plastic and then we will be gone…. maybe.

But there is a  possibility that if humans existed for a few more millions of years then they wouldn’t be living on earth. Earth may become inhabitable and this was the backdrop to Will Smith’s movie, “After Earth”.  Anyhow, the crux of the matter is that the survival of future generations could depend on what we do in this generation or every generation from now on.

When I started on this topic, I had no idea how I was going to end this series. Somehow, slowly the picture emerged. Along the way I made some wild guesses that human survival even at the early stages could have had a driving purpose. The purpose of perfecting the body and mind for future generations to survive. Once perfection was achieved with Adam, the world was ready to be taken over. Language, drawings, writings, agriculture and  industries followed in the blink of the earth’s eye to get to the current state where humans may be at the cusp of destroying themselves.

I know that there are many initiatives to reverse climate change. Personally, I have not taken any action other than recycling. I want to do my part no matter how little it may be. If there was any benefit in writing this series then this may be it. Knowing where we came from can only help in knowing where we want to go. If a simple decision by a chimp to stand upright against all odds put into motion all of this then no decision can be small to move us in the right direction.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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