Telluride – breathtakingly beautiful place

Telluride – breathtakingly beautiful place

Posted on April 10, 2015

The Drive

We went to Telluride, a mountain resort in Colorado, for this year’s spring break. It was a 6.5 hours drive from Denver to Telluride. While going to Telluride, we took 70 West to Grand Junction and then 50 E. While coming back, we took 50 E to 285 N. Both routes were very scenic and took almost the same amount of time. If I were to drive in winter then will definitely take the I-70, both ways. Since the weather was sunny and clear skies, the drive was enjoyable and when it became dark, there was a full moon to light up the mountains.

The Hotel

We stayed at the Madeline Hotel in the Mountain Village town. We planned to have our dinner in the restaurant in the hotel but it was closed early that night. However, the hotel staff was very helpful in finding us a place to eat since many restaurants were already closed even though it was not even 10 PM. The hotel was located in the center of the village with easy access to the Gondolas. It was a very nice hotel and the staff was very good. Definitely staying there when we go there again.

The Rooms

After our dinner, we went into the 1-bedroom condo that we rented that had a connecting door to another room so we all could stay together. The grandparents stayed in the adjoining room and the three of us in the condo that was 1200 sq ft with a kitchen and a living room. The condo was spacious and the balcony overlooked the mountains instead of the village. So, the views from the balcony were breathtaking.

Sunrise on the mountain top

I woke up early morning at 4:15 since I was still doing The Miracle Morning 30-day Challenge. Of all the things, there was a lunar eclipse too that morning. Could have taken a picture but was more eager to go to the mountain top to watch the sunrise. Took a gondola from outside the hotel to the mountain top.

The sunrise on the mountain top was unbelievable. There were snow covered peaks on all sides and each peak was radiating the morning sunrays. Here are some pictures of the mountain peaks.



The Town of Telluride

It was the perfect time for non-skiers like us since there were no crowds and folks were getting ready to close down businesses and go for the off-season. We went around the small and sleepy town of Telluride and took some breathtaking pictures.


The Mountain Top Restaurant

For dinner, we went to a mountain top restaurant, AllReds and the sunset views were gorgeous from there too. In half an hour or so after the sunset, the full moon came up and wowed us.

IMG_3712 IMG_3720

All in all, it was memorable trip and looking forward to going there every year.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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