Spiritual But Not Religious – is this group here to stay? – part 1

Spiritual But Not Religious – is this group here to stay? – part 1

Posted on April 14, 2015

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There is a growing phenomenon in western societies that is called SBNR; Spiritual But Not Religious. I once watched a TED Talk by Jonathan Haidt, who asked the audience how many thought they were more spiritual vs religious and it looked like the majority were spiritual. It is understandable that the typical audience of a Ted Talk in North America can be more SBNR but research is showing that it is a growing phenomenon and could be here to stay. Before I get into the specifics of what this new phenomenon is, let me first talk about how most of the religions have changed and how these changes are causing many folks take the path of SBNR.

It is a well-known fact that almost all religions have changed from how they were in the beginning, maybe not the religion that you are born into or converted into. However, barring your current religion, you can still agree that most religions have changed, for better or for worse, from their beginnings.

The basic premise of any religion, when it starts out, is that it has the absolute truth. It may be true. I am not denying that. All I am saying is that, knowledge of the truth is the basic premise. As the religion gets older it changes, for better or for worse, and the truth sometimes is lost (except for your particular religion or the sect in your religion that you belong to).

If I have to make a general statement as to how truth is lost then most likely the truth is lost because people tell lies knowingly and propagate these lies again, knowingly, for their personal benefit. This is as general a statement, as it can be. The specifics may be different for different religions but in most cases, religions lose the knowledge of the truth, as time passes, because of lies.

The general statement that I made above is not very original. Lots of folks have said the same thing. But here is the interesting thing about this statement. You can agree with this statement if you look at other religions. Not your own religion though, if you are a good follower of your religion, but with other religions you can see the truth in the above statement. In you study these other religions, you may see some iota of truth at the beginning which was then lost.

However, if you are having trouble seeing even an iota of truth in other religions then you can at least see the false premises on which these other religions are based upon. You probably see a house of cards. Pull one card and the entire edifice will come tumbling down. If that one basic premise is false then everything else is automatically false.

If it is so easy for you to see then why is it not that easy for the followers of the religion to see what you see in their own religion?. For that we need to understand why lies get introduced into a religion, in the first place. I will explain this further in my next post by taking an example of a made-up religion that does not resemble any of the current religions.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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  • Reply Charlene Ryan May 31, 2016 at 11:16 am

    If the truth starts with the Word of God, lets just stay there, believe it and not sway from it as so many have. The spiritual war that exists to bring many to the denial of the truths that are in the Word is so evident with all the religions and anti-Christ ideas out there.
    You have deep-thought-provoking blogs. May you see that the rainbow you are referring to was created by God himself as a reminder of His promises. Regrets can turn into repentance and forgiveness when trusting in the Lord. Be Blessed.

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