How to be mindful and complain less – from Tim Ferriss

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Opening the Flipboard App on my iPhone has become an involuntary habit of mine, immediately after I wake up. Most of the time I flip through a few articles usually Technology related and then get on with my day. Recently, I have deliberately started looking at the section called “Finding Purpose” on the Flipboard and today, in my semi-wakefulness, I kinda liked the following sentence from the first article that showed up.

“….If you can’t be happy with what you have, you’ll never be made happy by what you get”

This quote is from Tim Ferris’s blog post, “The Magic of Mindfulness: Complain Less, Appreciate More, and Live a Better Life”. After reading the blog, I also listened to the podcast later in the day. The podcast had many tips that I am listing down below. I want  to complain less and appreciate more and so am planning to put some of these tips into practice.

Complaining Less

  • Read the book, ” A Complaint-free world” by Will Bowen
  • Define correctly what a complaint means by referring to this blog post
  • Start the 21-day thought experiment of complaining less and track it using the wrist band

Appreciating More

  • Keep a “Jar of Awesome” to scribble down any positive thing that happened
  • Live a week in poverty to take away the anxiety of the worst case scenario and also to help in taking risks
  • Read Seneca to learn and practice stoicism
  • Thank at least one person every day


  • Buy the Five Minute Journal to follow the format given out in the journal
  • Categorize gratefulness into Relationships, Opportunity, Best thing happened yesterday and Simple things so as to cover all critical aspects of being grateful
  • Do not repeat the same gratefulness item twice in a row
  • Do an AM and a PM check-in in the journal

Being Mindful

  • Meditate daily. Start with 5-minutes and then go on to 20 minutes every day
  • Download meditation Apps, Calm and Headspace for guided meditation
  • Go to for tips on transcendental meditation

Decreasing Anxiety

  • Take 10 deep breaths when overwhelmed
  • Use OneTab Chrome Extension to declutter browser tabs.

These are all the tips that I quickly jotted down so I can start complaining less. As usual, this blog post is a reminder for me to follow my own advice. If you have come across any similar behavioral changes that helped you to complain less and better your life then please include them in the comments.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!!!

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I am a husband and a father striving for a balanced life. It is my belief that a balanced life could result in a life of zero regrets. With this mindset, I am blogging on 7 areas of life that I call the 7 colors of the rainbow of life. We are given 168 hours every week to paint our rainbow with these 7 colors and if we are able to do that then there is a chance that we could find our "pot of gold"
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