About Me

I am Shakeel Akhtar and I have a writing bug which is a side-effect of my appetite for reading books on various topics like philosophy, religion, personal development, business, health, leadership, biographies, social sciences etc., This writing bug caused me to start this blog when I connected the concepts about life, light, meaning, rainbows, pot of gold, balance and regrets into a framework called PoG (Pot of Gold). I hope you started reading this blog from “Start Here” page otherwise please read that page to get a better understanding of the PoG framework before continuing further.

First and foremost, I would like to clarify that I am trying my best and most of the time failing to lead a balanced life. You know, there is a saying that those who cannot lead, teach and this saying applies to my current scenario. Someday, I know I will succeed at leading a balanced life but in the meantime, I could not keep this concept or framework to myself. So, I have been sharing my experiences, my experiments, my learnings, and my insights in this blog with the hope that if nothing else, I will look back, read these articles and hopefully, follow my own advice.

How will the PoG framework help you?

The PoG framework is meant to provide you hacks in psychology, methodology and technology. Psychological hacks to get you into the right mindset in the quickest possible time. Methodology hacks to help you cut through the maze of busy work so as to get to the right activity. Technology hacks to make the most of your available time and attention.

I have curated some of the relevant articles in each of the focus areas in the page titled, “Articles“. You can pick the focus area that you think you have an imbalance and read up on that.

Is there more beyond the blog?

Yes, there is.

I have co-authored a book, “Manage. Lead. Transform: A Project Manager’s Guide to Reducing Project Timelines by 50% or More“. You can find many processes that can help you get the most of your projects. The book is available on Amazon at this link.

I have also used many tools – apps, templates, and softwares that help you hack your way through life in each of the focus areas. I can share these tools through coaching either one on one or through group coaching.

If you would like to know more about my coaching then please drop me an email at shakeel@itsonelife.com

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!!!